1) Use of the software

This download is free of charge. Read and accept this licence agreement before installing and using the software. Individual users must be of legal age or obtain consent from their parents. By clicking on the button "Install" (or equivalent), which can be found at the bottom of the page, you declare your acceptance of this contract. MPagosx s.l. , a Spanish company with registered office in Cornellá de Llobregat, Barcelona (Spain), calle Plaza Reus nº 5 4º 2ª with Tax Identification Number B- 63898738 (hereinafter, Mpagosx), grants its users a licence which is free, non-exclusive and non-transferable (hereinafter, the Licence) for use of this software entitled Yaimo Installer . 1) Purpose and technical requirements Yaimo Installer is an executable program which enables you to download certain computer programs. By running Yaimo Installer you accept the terms and conditions of this document identified by Yaimo Installer and take full responsibility Mpagosx reserves the right to update and modify the software Licence and any of the reference documents attached as required. In addition, the installer will adjust the user's browsing preferences by changing the home page, setting yaimo.com as default search engine and installing the chrome extension known as Yaimo extension. The software unit launches the installation of the software products downloaded. The software unit is not installed on the user's computer, and the user must manually delete the software unit's executable.

2) Copyright

Mpagosx is the sole proprietor of the copyright for Yaimo Installer. Mpagosx is the sole proprietor of the trade name, copyright and distribution rights for Yaimo Installer. The copyright includes the appearance and style of the Yaimo Installer software. This contract is a licence for using Yaimo Installer and does not imply any transfer of ownership of this program's rights. You may not change, deconstruct, dismantle or decompile Yaimo Installer. This includes the use of any current or future technology. Breach of any of the terms and conditions of this Licence will be deemed as a breach of this Contract.

3) Guarantees and responsibilities

Yaimo Installer must be used in accordance with the terms and conditions of this document. Mpagosx will not be responsible for any damages arising from any use of Yaimo Installer contrary to this software Licence. Except where it relates to regulatory responsibilities stipulated in consumer protection laws, you exonerate Mpagosx from any liability arising from the inappropriate running of Yaimo Installer or the incorrect functioning of Yaimo Installer as a result of the way in which you ran the software. Said exoneration from liability will extend to the employees and management of Mpagosx Mpagosx states that this Licence to use Yaimo Installer does not infringe any previous contract or current legislation. Mpagosx does not assume responsibility in cases of unforeseen circumstances or force majeure. Mpagosx will not be responsible for any events beyond reasonable control, such as viruses and interference by third parties. You will release Mpagosx from any responsibility for the intellectual property rights, distribution rights, completeness, quality and running of any computer software downloaded with Yaimo Installer. You state to be aware that Mpagosx may not have any form of relationship with the owners of the computer programs which you download. You release Mpagosx from any responsibility for any claims filed against you for your use or possession of the products downloaded with Yaimo Installer, including, but not limited to, claims for libel, violations of data protection or publicity rights, intellectual property rights, trade name rights, and any other claim or complaint in relation to the content, quality and operation of said software.

4) Validity

The validity period for this Contract starts from the moment when it is accepted. Mpagosx will reserve the right to restrict, suspend or terminate this Contract at its own discretion, both in full and partially, at any time and for any reason, without notice or liability. This Contract and, consequently, the Licence will be terminated at the time when the breach of the terms and conditions herein is committed. You must destroy all copies of Yaimo Installer which you possess at the time when the Contract is terminated. Use of monitoring devices Mpagosx uses google analytics to gather data for statistical purposes, including: the date of the first visit, the number of visits, the date of the last visit, the URL and domain, the search engine and the screen resolution. Mpagosx DOES NOT save users' personal details such as the users' IP, first and last name, address, age etc. The user is free to deactivate and/or remove the cookies by following the instructions of their Internet search engine.

25 February 2014